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TimmySpec in DSPORT

Evo X Rear Control Arm DSPORT TimmySpec toponly

In cased you missed it, there are a set of TimmySpec control arms inside of DSPORT Magazine this month.  Back in 2010, DSPORT Magazine approached Tim to use a set of MIT10CA adjustable rear control arms for an Evo X they were building and testing.  While we had almost signed off the project as a loss, they made their way ... Read More »

the Lightbox of Highland Design

EvoX Photoshoot Rossini 2013-03-29 11.14.19

Friday I had a great opportunity to have some photos taken of the Evo X by Steve Rossini at Highland Design Studios.  Highland Design Studios is the official photographer of One Lap of America.  They have of the only light-boxes setup for shooting studio cars in the area. They currently have the lightbox setup in a shared space warehouse and is moving ... Read More »

Lap Diagnostics from the iPhone

Lap Timer at the Glen

Everybody whom I meet who runs on a track and owns an iPhone I start pushing them to try an app called Harry’s Lap Timer Pro.  With the capability to capture the video and log the GPS of your run around the track, it has to be one of the most empowering apps that exists for lap comparisons. Read More »

From the Garage

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