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Funds Raised for WWP in 2013

We raised over $5100 going directly towards the Wounded Warrior Project!

I am supposed to write a press release.  The factual statements that tells you how much we raised for our charity this year and gives you all sorts of canned information on how to find out more about information you may already know.   So here it is to cover the formalities.

Press Release WWP 2013 Results

The press release however doesn’t convey the amount of gratitude we have towards this amazing group that has come together to support us.  From the outpouring of support around our own community to the help we found in the form of services and offerings to get us there, we certainly had a lot of help to make things come together.

It was not an easy year for many teams this year.  It just strengthened what a great feeling it is to not only bring the car home, but to raise  support for this amazing organization that helps our wounded veterans.

Our race may be over for 2013, but you can still support the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you used our page to follow the event and keep up with what was happening with all of the teams going around the country, consider a $10, $20 donation to the WWP.  We do a lot of work to keep everybody updated and any level of help towards this organization is not only helping a great cause, but it really helps us keep moving to update everybody.

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Thank you, Stephen & Tim



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  1. Joyce Davies, Dansville Rotary Club

    what a wonderful project. Can you contact me and give me the name of someone to contact regarding the Wounded Warrior Project in Rochester?

    Dansville Rotary Club

  2. Joyce,
    We did not get a contact in Rochester to work with. Most of the correspondence were with the main office out of Florida.


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